Why Black Watch Burlington?
It's simple...we have the best, most experienced, successful coaches in Vermont, bar none.

2017-18 Program Details


Need Info?

For questions about the boys programs contact Jack Myers (jack.myers@stantec.com)

For the girls programs please contact Bob Day (doodaday11@yahoo.com)

BWP Offers...

Coaching expertise and training
(2-3 times per week),
'Spanish' method training (passing/movement/rhythm)

Cutting edge facilities
UVM Virtue Field / Centennial Field /
Tennis Pavilion (Indoor).

Academic support, tutoring
and grade monitoring.

Matches (Winter/Spring/Summer),
15-20 competitive matches for the season.

Nike team.

Hello Coaches,
As a new family to your organization, I wanted to take a minute to express our thoughts about Black Watch Soccer, the Fall program, and Coach Day.
As you may or may not know, we were introduced to Black Watch by Coach McEachon who reached out to Thomas during his summer soccer camp in Middlebury suggesting Thomas consider trying out for Black Watch. Knowing Thomas' love of soccer and the shortcomings of the programs in Middlebury we had talked on and off for a couple of years about getting him involved in club soccer. However, we knew that such involvement would mean a considerable commitment for us living in Cornwall (south of Middlebury), and our investigation into other soccer clubs left us questioning whether such an experience with those other clubs was really in Thomas' best interests. We had not heard of Black Watch until Coach McEachon talked about it with Thomas. We then spent some time researching BWP and its coaches. Everything we were reading led us to believe Black Watch would not be like the other clubs. Black Watch's philosophy and approach seemed like it would be a good fit for Thomas so we were willing to entertain the thought of making the commitment. Thomas attended the try-outs and expressed interest in joining the club. My husband spoke with folks at the try-outs about Thomas' swimming commitments and made observations that we hoped reflected how the club treated its athletes. We took the plunge.
Black Watch has not disappointed. In fact, Black Watch is everything we had hoped for and so much more. The experience has been an incredibly positive one for Thomas and us as well. Your philosophy, commitment to, and respect for the players as athletes and as people is refreshing and exactly what we wanted for Thomas. He absolutely loves playing for Black Watch. He truly likes and respects his coaches and teammates. He has learned so much about soccer in such a short amount of time, and he looks forward to learning more. He has made new friends that he is excited to continue playing and growing with. He loved developing his soccer game and becoming part of the team through the Fall program. He thoroughly enjoyed being able to play more competitive soccer with a regular game schedule this Fall. The moment the last game ended last weekend he was already looking forward to the Winter program and futsal.
As for Gregg and I, we are ecstatic to have found and joined Black Watch. To watch Thomas adjust to and grow with his new teammates and coaches has been so incredibly gratifying. To watch and hear Coach Day treat each player with dignity and respect while calmly and clearly setting forth expectations and providing constructive feedback and instruction has demonstrated very clearly for us that Black Watch was the absolute right decision. The flexibility of schedule has been appreciated so very much as Thomas began his swim season. I wish I could better express how truly grateful we are for everything we have experienced to date with BWP. We are all very excited to continue in this soccer club that clearly has its priorities and commitments in the right place.
Thank you so very much for offering such a fantastic program and for being such incredible coaches to these young athletes.
– Tammy and Gregg Denton

Our Mission

To provide the best possible learning environment for the passionate youth
soccer community in Vermont.
Our coaching staff are committed to using
our vast playing, coaching, and teaching
background to positively impact our players
to fuel the passion for the game, improve their
soccer IQ, at the same time consistently
promoting excellent character along the way.

Why choose Black Watch Burlington

It’s simple… we have the best, most experienced, successful coaches in Vermont, bar none.

To summarize:

Our coaching staff, has 4 coaches who have MLS, NCAA DivII, professional coaching.
All coaches are former collegiate players, with three former professional players, and one who represented his country on his respective National Team
All we ask is do your HOMEWORK and research where your child will get the experience, the leadership, and the expertise to become their best selves as a player and person.  As a parent, I am also responsible to put the best instructor, best teacher, and expert in front of my kids to help them make progress as soccer players, but most importantly as people and a PASSION for the GAME.

Our Coaches

Ron McEachen
  • • Former MLS Coach New England Revolution
  • • All-time winningest coach in UVM history
  • • Head Coach Middlebury and Skidmore College
  • • Former Professional NASL Player
  • • Collegiate DiV I player West Virginia University

  • Rueben Resendes
  • • Current Division I Assistant Coach at UVM
  • • Former Head Coach at Dean College
  • • 6 years as an Academy Coach with The New England Revolution
  • • NJCAA All-New England Coach of the Year award.
  • • Head Coach of the New England Revolution U23 team (2016 & 2017)

  • Rob Dow
  • • Current Division I UVM Assoc. Head Coach
  • • Former Division II Assistant Coach (SNHU)
  • • Division III Head Coach
  • • Former Professional Player (Ottawa FC)
  • Division I Player University of Maine
  • Canadian U17 National Team Player

  • Bob Day
  • • One of the ‘Best’ High School Coaches   (Burlington HS) in the history of the State
  • • Has a unique ‘futbol’ training methodology
  • • Solely responsible for developing some of the   best young players in VT history
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Affordability and transparent trickle up economics. The club will be run with the player fees covering costs for coaches salaries, scholarships, equipment and facilities.  The administration and board will be voluntary and keeping the club process clear, affordable, and protective of the 'purity' of the game. No player will be turned away because of cost and the 'need based' scholarship program will be available for all families in need.

Club Philosophy

Black Watch Premier (BWP) is a Club that promotes character, insight, creativity, commitment, dedication and integrity within its young members. We believe our life-line as a Club is our technical staff and the players themselves. The Club is extremely excited about having the great opportunity to work with such a professional and dedicated technical staff. The sport of soccer is all about teamwork, unity, commitment, and dedication. 

What is paramount in the eyes of the Club and the staff is dedication to learn to play the game at a very high level and to share the experience with teammates, coaches, and family.  Our goal is to build the best Club process that embodies the rhythm and passing within the game combined with the spirit of competition and cutting-edge methodology for development and preparation.  

We aim to also build a process and Club foundation that reaches all levels, abilities and is able to help everyone advance as players and in life. At BWP, our members create opportunities through their hard work, and our staff is there as mentors to help aid in that process.