PREMIER - U13s - U19s (11v11)

Premier Flight Overview

The Premier Flight for our U11s through U19s increases technical, physical and tactical demands on our players, through competitive state, regional and national match play. Training is two to three times per week and focuses on supporting our student-athletes pursuing their goals of playing beyond our local market, potentially the US National Teams and college soccer for those players nearing the collect prospect ages. The training-to-match ratio is 3:1.

The U11s and U12s begin training in the beginning of September and our program concludes at the end of June.

The U13s through U19s begin at the end of October and our program concludes at the beginning of August.

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PREMIER Flight Coaches U13s - U19s (11v11)


  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Garrett Cobb

    U19s - Gs (2001/02/03s)

  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Lisa Cotter

    U16s (2004/05/06s)


  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Steve Freeman

    U19Bs (2001/02s)

  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Jeremiah Kneeland & Danilo Markovic

    U16Bs (2004s)

  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Steve Freeman & Jim Clementi

    U14Bs (2006s)

  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Trevor Gorman

    U17Bs (2003s)

  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Steve Freeman & Jim Clementi

    U15Bs (2005s)

  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Joe Machado

    U13Bs (2007s)