BWP Albany Grassroots

The BWP Grassroots Program provides our youngest players with the opportunity to get involved with our Club and staff in an educational and enthusiastic environment. The primary goal of this program is to foster the enjoyment of soccer. Within the program we offer several different programs: Age Group Teams (U10s, U9s, U8s, U7s & U6s), a recreational program, our BWP Youth Academy & BWP Little Lions, BWP Soccer Camps, and BWP Futsal. The Grassroots Program has been very well-received by our community and has become one of the Club’s more popular programs.


Teams (U7 -U10)

Local League Play


Rec Program & Rec Plus

Recreational based program intra-club & inter-club


Events & Programs

BWP Youth Academy, BWP Camps, BWP Futsal+

BWP Albany Technical Leadership & Admin Team

BWP Albany is a nonprofit organization and has administrative support staff both locally in Fort Myers, FL as well as in Albany, NY. Locally, BWP Albany has a Technical Director, Director of Coaching, Assistant Director of Coaching, Director of Operations, and a Social Media Content Manager.


Sporting Director & Founder

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A Note From Andre - Director of Grassroots

At BWP Lee County our philosophy is very simple in the Grassroots. Our first priority is enjoyment. We recognize and understand that there are many other activities kids could be doing, so the number 1 priority is to retain the players in the sport. Secondly, we try to develop high-quality soccer players, and human beings, emphasizing long-term development at the younger ages instead of the “win now” mentality. Competing at high levels of play as teams come and players get older.

We do not coach youth soccer for trophies or silverware, but rather we coach youth soccer to make a difference in a player’s life. 

“I can vividly remember the special youth coaches in my career that impacted not only the quality of my play but my development into the person whom I have become. My current approach is to teach about technique, creativity, tactics and the passion for playing the game.”- Andre Nesfield, BWP Director of Grassroots & BWP Asst. Director of Coaching

Our coaching style and methodology is direct, current, and fair. We believe that playing time and positional opportunities are to be earned and not given through consistently working hard at training sessions. We look forward to having your child check out our BWP Grassroots programming!


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