CLUB - U13s - U19s (11v11)

Club Flight Overview

The Club Flight for our U13s through U19s addresses the technical, physical and tactical development of our players, through competitive local and state-level match play. Training is two times per week and focuses on supporting our student-athletes pursuing their goals of playing competitive scholastic soccer. The training-to-match ratio is 2:1.

The U13s-U15s begin at the beginning of the scholastic calendar. While our U16s-U19s begin at the end of October and our program concludes at the traditional end of the scholastic school year in June.

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CLUB Flight Coaches U13s - U19s (11v11)


  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Salma Tarik

    U14s - G2007s Club


  • BWPLOGO Trans2

    Brahim Chab & Duron Jones

    U13s - B2008/09s Club